Anglais – Conversation courante

Nombre de places offertes15 People.
Objet de l'atelierTo speak fluently with other participants.
Détail de ce qui est fait, appris, dispenséDiscussion topics vary from politics to packaging, cognates to climate change, travel to traditions. There’s frequently a large helping of current affairs and we regularly veer off topic, but as long as you are talking, that’s good. We vary the structure of the activity – group discussions, small group presentations, maybe a balloon debate, a game or even some translation work, but there is a single aim – to get you talking! We do cover some points of grammar and vocabulary or idioms as they crop up but they are rarely the focus of sessions.
Connaissances prérequisesA good command of and confidence in spoken English.
Cet atelier s’adresse plus spécialement auxAux personnes qui souhaitent améliorer l’écoute, la compréhension de la langue et maintenir leur niveau d’expression orale. Les personnes qui fréquentent l’atelier ont souvent pratiqué la langue anglaise dans le cadre de leur vie professionnelle ou souhaitent se perfectionner pour pouvoir converser avec des petits enfants résidant dans des pays anglophones.

This activity is aimed in particular at: People who want to keep up their high level spoken English in a friendly, relaxed, relatively unstructured environment. We don’t do homework or follow a book, rather we head whichever way the wind blows

Matériel nécessaire dont il faudra envisager l'acquisition en cours d'annéeNone.
Engagement des participantsNo worries if you can’t make every week, but the more you attend, the more you might learn!
Contribution financièreNone.
HorairesEvery Tuesday from 5.30 pm to 7 pm.
Personne(s) à contacter
Animatrice : Katrine BODICOAT